Vam Super

Promotes plant health and root formation

Vam Super

Agri Microbial Technology based Value Added Bio NPK with Organic Carbon

  • Vam Super is formulated with high grade Mycorrhiza that promotes plant health and root growt.

  • Vam Super contains Mycorrhiza, Fulvic acid, Macro & Micro Nutrients and proprietary constituents essential for plant growth.

  • Vam Super greatly increases the microbial and micorrhizal activities & promotes nutrient uptake.

  • Vam Super enhances translocation of sugars and starch, increases protein content and prevent energy losses.

  • Vam Super improves the physical quality, disease resistance and shelf life of fruit and vegetables used for human consumption – Safe to eat.

  • Mycorrhiza : 100/gm (120 ips/gm)
  • Humic Acid/ Amino Acid : 15%
  • Naturally Derived Ingredients : 15%
  • Naturally Derived Carrier : 60%
Recommended Dosage
  • 2 kg/per acre
  • Recommended for all crops