PGR Power

Based on Natural Florigens, Hormones, Traces Elements and Nutrients.

PGR Power

Agri Microbial Technology based Value Added Bio NPK with Organic Carbon

  • PGR Power is a natural substance derived through fermentation process.

  • PGR Power is a phenomenal product that contains several essential hormones, enzymes and aminoacids besides florigens that trigger excellent flowering.

  • PGR Power ensure good seed germination, root formation, shoot growth and better yield.

  • PGR Power helps controlling fruit drop increases productivity, the unique feature of photosysthate translocaters coupled with hydrolized proteins.

  • PGR Power improves the physical quality, disease resistance and shelf life of fruit and vegetables used for human consumption – Safe to eat.

  • AminoAcids,Hormones,Florigens,Trace hormones : 60%
  • Stabilizers : 10%
  • Inert materials : 30%
Recommended Dosage
  • 1.5ml to 2ml/ltr : of water depending on the nature of the spray