Indo Wet

A real wetting agent

Indo Wet

Agri Microbial Technology based Value Added Bio NPK with Organic Carbon

  • Indo Wet a speciality non-ionic spreader cum wetting agent with enhanced penetration property.

  • Indo Wet enhances pesticide/ fungicide activity, facilitate and accentuate the emulsifying, dispersing, spreading, wetting or other surface modifying properties of any liquids.

  • Indo Wet when added to the spray mix, helps coverage of the product on the plant material and to slow chemical residue loss.

  • Indo Wet acts as a surfactant that reduces the surface tension of water.This allows the product to spread across the leaf more uniformly and allows the active ingredient to be better absorbed by the plant.

  • Indo Wet increases the adhesion of spray drops to the leaf and slow loss of the chemical by rain.

  • Bio Compounds : 70%
  • Stabilizers : 30%
Recommended Dosage
  • 0.5ml/ ltr