Indus Bio Complex

Granulated Bio NPK Complex Fertilizer

Indus Bio Complex

Fermented & Value added Bio NPK, Crude Proteins, Amino and Organic carbon

  • Indus Bio Complex is a novelty research product.

  • Indus Bio Complex is Fermented & Value added Bio NPK with Crude Proteins, Amino and Organic Carbon .

  • Indus Bio Complex can be used in garden, kitchen garden, indoor, plantation crops and cash crops in all stages.

  • Indus Bio Complex can be used as both basal application and top dressing.

  • Indus Bio Complex is suitable for both Organic and Chemical farming.

  • Indus Bio Complex is Eco Friendly and crop produces are 100% Safe to Eat.

  • Biological Derivatives: 30%
  • Inert Material : 15%
  • Organic Carbon : 10% 
  • Natural Substance : 20%
  • Carrier : 25%
Recommended Dosage
  • Dosage depends upon the soil, age, variety and stage of the crop based on NPK requirement.