Indo Star

For extra greenish and growth

Indo Star

Fermented and Value added Bio N Suppliment with Organic Carbon

  • Indo Star provides major nutrients and phytohormones in readily available form which provides better fertilizer use efficiency – Extra growth & yield.

  • Indo Star helps in making the plant healthy and provides early boost to the crop.

  • Indo Star is rich in organic carbon. Provide slow fertilizer release.

  • Indo Star helps in improving the soil texture and water retention capacity.

  • Indo Star helps in mobilizing the existing soil nutrients and soil microflora.

  • Indo Star is EcoFriendly.

  • Biological Extracts : 50%
  • Inert Material : 30%
  • Organic Carbon : >20% (on dry basis)
Recommended Dosage
  • Foliar : 5gm/ ltr
  • Drip : 5gm/ ltr