Indo Fix

Wax Breaker | Trans-locator | Soil Penetrator | Sticker

Indo Fix

Fermented Wetting Agent - Advanced Technology

  • Indo FIx is an innovative non-toxic, non-ionic silica based spreader that is OMRI Certified.

  • Indo FIx acts as a wax breaker - Breaks the wax coat in leaves, pests, and insects.

  • Indo Fix acts as a Trans-locator in roots, leaves, pests and insects.

  • Indo Fix acts as a soil penetrator and penetrates into roots, targeted soil borne insects and fungies.

  • Indo Fix acts as a sticker - Increases adhesion of spray drops to the leaves.

  • Indo FIx ensures maximum coverage of foliar fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and weedicides without wastage.

  • Biological Compounds: 70%
  • Stabilizers: 30%

Recommended Dosage
  • Foliar : 0.5ml/ ltr
  • Compatible with all foliar fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides and weedicides